Breakout Sessions

The Rainbow Connection: Advocating for LGBTQ Youth


This session will engage participants in a conversation about LGBTQ identities. Current terms, statistics and legislation will inform participants on ways they can be more inclusive and celebratory of queer individuals in both work and personal settings. Participants will leave with tools and resources to empower them to become strong and consistent allies to LGBTQ youth.


In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence

New Life Center

This session offers an innovative approach to cultivating healthy relationships through education and outreach. Participants will walk away more knowledgeable about the different types of teen dating violence and how to better prepare themselves and the youth they work with to enter into healthy and safe relationships.


Suicide and Self-Injury Squad

Gilbert Public Schools

This session will provide participants the help to stem the tide of self-injury and suicide occurrences. Participants will leave the session with an introduction to mindfulness, knowing the most current self-injury statistics and prevalence rates and will gain awareness of local youth development resources.


Our Three Brains

Rick Miller

This session will provide participants with the understanding that we actually have three brains rather than just one. It will offer a unique insight about the reasons we and others act the way we do. This session will help us help youth move from existing, to surviving, to thriving in life.


Developing the “other kind of smart” – emotional intelligence


This session will provide participants various tools and strategies that will allow them to nurture the critical skill of emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and manage emotions. Participants will possess a new understanding of the word smart and will leave owning the fact that in order to teach emotional intelligence they must also commit to living it.