Breakout Sessions

Continuing the Conversation
In this session, participants will continue the journey with Calvin through a series of questions and answers. The goal of this session is to engage participants in experiential learning and provide them with additional information for them to walk away from the experience empowered with knowledge to be confident change agents.
Presenter: Calvin Terrell


Art Therapy: Creating Space for Holistic Care
In this session, participants will learn the fundamental tenets of art therapy, explore how providers can foster culturally-grounded, non-judgmental and self-affirming processes in art therapy. We will provide an overview of art therapy, common goals for youth in art therapy and review continuum of materials/modalities often used. The presentation will include an art activity.
Presenter: PSA Art Awakenings & Youth Intake and Service Center


Caught Between the Amygdala and a Hard Place: How ACEs and Trauma Impact Youth
In this session, participants will learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that can profoundly change the otherwise healthy development of an adolescent. Participants will recognize responses to trauma and how they can counteract these responses with trauma informed strategies that support the youth and his development. Attendees will leave the session with knowledge regarding the ACEs study and will recognize responses to trauma and trauma informed strategies that will help support the youth they serve.
Presenter: Maricopa County Education Service Agency


In Their Shoes
In this session, participants will go through an activity that allows them to walk in the shoes of a victim in an abusive dating relationship. Participants will also learn how to facilitate this activity with the youth they serve. Participant discretion is advised due to the subject matter content.
Presenter: Kaitys Way